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Net weights, sinkers, fishing weights, or notched pebbles are names that refer to stone objects assumed to be part of the fishing gear used from Archaic times to the Historic period.  These stone weights came in at least four types.  Most were simply notched pebbles (1) that would escape the eye of all but the most careful researcher.  Other pebbles were too thick to be notched and were pecked and ground to provide a groove across the center to keep the line secure (2) . Another form had notches in the ends of the pebbles (3).  These should not be confused with loaf stones that are a form of banner weight used with an atlatl .  These also have a narrow groove  in each end to accommodate twine that was tied to the atlatl handle.  The final form is referred to in Texas and Oklahoma as Waco net weights, named for the city of Waco, Texas.  These weights had a groove that ran the length of the weight to accommodate the cord (4).